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Evidence-based treatment with a licensed speech therapist to achieve your speech and language goals.

Young boy practicing speech therapy exercises on a tablet

Speech and Language Services Provided in the Following Areas:

Articulation & Phonology


The production of specific speech sounds, such as "p", “s”, or “th”, and the production of sounds belonging to larger sound classes and patterns, such as velar sounds “k” and “g”.


Receptive Language


Increasing vocabulary inventory, identifying objects, following directions, reading and listening  comprehension, and answering complex questions.


Expressive Language


Asking questions, making comments, naming objects, expanding vocabulary and using correct grammar in verbal and written sentences.


Pragmatic Language


Using nonverbal language such as tone of voice, gestures, and facial expressions, perspective-taking, social inferencing, responding in social situations, and understanding and managing emotions.


Childhood Apraxia


Addressing the motor planning and programming of speech with a focus on oral movements during speech production.


Voice Disorders


Improving vocal health, eliminating vocally abusive behaviors, and achieving a stronger and clearer vocal quality with less strain on the vocal chords.


Fluency Disorders


Increasing confidence and utilizing techniques to minimize moments of stuttering and achieve more fluent speech across all environments.


Early Literacy Skills


Building the foundational skills for reading, writing, and spelling with instruction at the sound and syllable levels.

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