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Young girl practicing speech therapy exercises with her mom



After submitting your online inquiry form, a phone consultation is conducted to determine if our services will be a good fit for your family. Therapy services include family consultations at the end of each therapy session. 


Initial evaluations are completed to ensure that we are getting the "whole picture" of your child's overall abilities. Clients are recommended evaluations before starting therapy in order to create a personalized treatment plan based on your child's unique needs.


Evidence-based treatment to remediate speech and language challenges. The family will be directly involved in goal-planning and treatment in order to maximize therapy success. Therapy sessions are delivered online via teletherapy to address your child's individual needs and preferences.

  • What is online speech therapy?
    Instead of coming to the office for a traditional face-to-face session, clients interact with a licensed speech language pathologist in real time through an online video platform. This will give you the opportunity to participate in speech therapy sessions from the convenience and comfort of your own home or office.
  • Am I a good candidate for online therapy?
    Online speech therapy is great for families who live in rural areas with limited access to speech and language services. It is also extremely beneficial for individuals or families with hectic schedules, as an online session will eliminate the extra time required for travel to and from the office. The research suggests that online speech therapy can be just as effective as traditional therapy for most individuals with a variety of ages, disorders, and severities. We offer a free 10-15 minute video session for our clinician to help you with any equipment, technology, and environment adjustments before starting your first online session.
  • What do online speech therapy sessions cost?
    Online speech sessions will cost the same fee as a traditional, face-to-face therapy session. Credit card payments will be accepted via our secure online client portal. Please contact All Speak Speech Therapy, PLLC for therapy session rates.
  • What technology do I need for online speech therapy?
    All you will need is a device with a webcam (laptop, tablet, or mobile), a high-speed internet connection, and (if client is a child) a parent to facilitate. Good lighting and a quiet environment is encouraged. Headphones/headset with an attached microphone is recommended, but not required, to achieve the best audio quality.
  • Do you use a secure video platform?
    Yes! Online therapy sessions are conducted through secure and HIPAA compliant video platforms.
  • How do I sign up for online speech therapy?
    Contact All Speak Speech Therapy, PLLC and mention that you are interested in online speech therapy. We will schedule a call to collect some information about your speech and language concerns and any relevant details about you or your child’s developmental history.
  • Do I need to live in New York State to receive online therapy from All Speak Speech Therapy, PLLC?"
    A speech language pathologist is required to be licensed in the state in which they reside AND the state in which the client is residing. We are currently able to offer services to individuals residing in both New York and Virginia.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    The same cancellation policy applies for traditional therapy sessions and online therapy sessions. A client may be subject to a $30 fee for a no-show or cancellation made within 24 hours of the session.
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